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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let us show you the best trails in Kongsberg. There is a huge variety of great trails here and we are counting at least 100 trail segments in the area.

We will tailor every guided trip according to what kind of riding you are after, and your skill level.

We'll arrange E-bike rental if requested.

The best trails in Kongsberg  - 6 persons* - 3 or 5 hours

We'll show you our favourite trails!

NOK 600,- per person for 3 hours**

NOK 950,- per person for 5 hours**

Go Electric! Try an E-MTB! - 6 persons - 3 hours

The guide will show you some nice trails in the beautiful pine forests surrounding the city. The guide will also give you hints on how to improve you riding skills.

NOK 1450,- per person for 3 hours**

Full day E-bike rental included!!

Your Dream ride!

Let us know if you have a dream ride in mind and we'll do our best to satisfy you. A family trip? Girls only? Multiple days, uphill, downhill, far or short? We'll make it happen!

*If more that 6 persons, contact us for price!

**Want lunch included? Let us know!

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